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Ultimatives Schlagzeug - 2 DVDs

Ultimatives Schlagzeug - 2 DVDs

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Ultimatives Schlagzeug 1 & 2” is NOW available!!

Previously unreleased in the U.S. “Ultimatives Schlagzeug” (Ultimate Drums) is the first
instructional DVD release from Thomas Lang. Originally released in 1995, this DVD offers a clear, precise instructional regime that is perfect for the beginner to intermediate drummer. Although recorded in German, Thomas keeps the talking to an absolute minimum and the exercises speak for themselves.

This DVD also features rare footage of Thomas playing 4 songs with his band “Save The Robots” and a 36-page booklet of excercise transcriptions.

Chapter 1: Correct Stick-Grip 
Chapter 2: Simple Beats and Coordination exercises 
Chapter 3: Groove-exercises and drum fills 
Chapter 4: Independence exercises 
Chapter 5: Linear Playing

Chapter 1: Bass Drum Technique 
Chapter 2: Linear Coordination Exercises & Fills 
Chapter 3: Linear Chops and Licks 
Chapter 4: Double Bass Drum Ostinatos 
Chapter 5: Playing with Drum Loops

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