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Yumaflex - Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk
Yumaflex - Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk

Yumaflex - Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk

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If Mahavishnu Orchestra and Pantera had a baby and asked Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix to be its godparents – the resulting musical offspring would be Yumaflex. ON their latest release, drummer/producer Thomas Lang and acclaimed Austrian guitarist Conrad Schrenk offering up 11 tracks of progressive instrumental music in an eclectic blend of styles ranging from captivating Eastern-tinged melodies, to aggressive rock songs and soulful bluesy tracks -- Yumaflex features lush production and performances from virtuoso performers.


With playing styles ranging from pop to Steve Vai and Frank Zappa – Schrenk’s is hailed as one of Europe’s most accomplished guitarists – while Lang’s ferocious, albeit technically pristine drumming has garnered global praise. The combination of composition and performance maintain a sense of lightness and humor and make Yumaflex a beautifuly inspiring and effortlessly listenable release with a subtle world music element that adds an exotic feel to the music without being pretentious.


Lang and Schrenk shared writing responsibilities for Yumaflex and the songs reflect both their eclectic musical tastes and identities. The songs are full of complex rhythmic and melodic phrases, but driven by muscular beats, powerful riffs, head-nodding hooks and intelligent melodies. The complexity of the music is skillfully camouflaged by the sheer compositional value of the songs. Schrenk’s guitar solos always strike the perfect balance between rude display of technical command over his instrument, and sophisticated musical genius in his choice of notes.


Schrenks’ masterful playing shines on tracks like the intense, guitar-driven lead track, “Hindi Jimmy” while tracks like the quirky, delicate Asian-inspired “Mantra” showcase the diversity of Lang/Schrenk’s playing and the range of their musical sensibilities – while the hard-driving  “Sol Distorsionada” is a full-throttle rocker with hooks that won’t quit.


Yumaflex is a passionate celebration of Lang & Schrenk’s considerable talents with plenty of space for mind- bending guitar- and drum solos in every song. Yumaflex is full of dynamic performances, subtle nuances and a vulgar display of sheer technical command in a high-end production.


1.   Hindi Jimmy

2.   Maceo is a Fat Man

3.   Impar Latine

4.   Mantra

5.   Musotto

6.   Nippon 3

7.   Resolution

8.   Sol Distorsionada

9.   Tripoloa

10. Still Got No Blues

11. Yumaflex

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